What Type and Size of Flagpole Should I Buy?

This question comes up a lot and there are several different answers based on your needs. We will cover these based on commercial flagpoles and residential flagpoles.  What you need to decide is how tall of a flagpole you want and how much wind the flagpole will be subject to when installed. If you are a residential customer, 95% of what we sell is going to be 20′ or 25′.  For commercial customers the size of the flagpole is completely up to you and we have sold every size from 20′ all the way to 80′.

Outdoor Commercial Flagpoles

First off, if you are a business, school, government agency, city, county etc., you will want to select a flagpole that will hold up to the elements and is going to look nice when on display. We have four different options to choose from that include the Estate, Continental, Sentry and Independence series of flagpoles.

The estate model flagpole comes in sizes from 15′- 35′ and have a base models and top line models. The base models are good if you need a good flagpole at a good price.  The difference between the base models and the top line models is that the top line models are able to take more wind than the base models.  They are good if you are in a higher wind area and need something with a thicker wall and/or thicker base.  The estate model has an external rope that attaches to a cleat that is mounted to the flagpole.

Flagpole Truck and Pulley

The Continental style flagpoles are a great option if you are looking for a high quality flagpole with an external rope.  You can get this flagpole in sizes from 20′-80′.  The advantage of the continental is that they typically have higher wind ratings and they also come with a revolving truck so that the flag can swivel and reduce tangling on the flagpole.  It also comes with a flash collar that goes on the bottom of the flagpole that finishes off the look nicely. You can get a revolving truck and flash collar for the estate, but they are additional costs.

Flagpole Truck and Pulley with Ornament

The Sentry model flagpole comes in sizes 20′-40′ and are popular due to the fact that the rope of the flagpole runs internally inside the flagpole and attaches using a cleat that resides inside a locked door.  The benefit of this is that the flagpole gets a cleaner look, reduces any chances for theft and/or someone breaking the rope and adds to the longevity of the rope itself since it’s covered on the inside of the flagpole.  This model has really good wind ratings and is a really nice looking flagpole.  This model and the continental are our most popular models for commercial use.

Commercial Outdoor Flagpole with Gold Ball

Finally, the Independence model flagpole is our premium flagpole if you are looking for the top of the line.  The Independence model comes with a stainless steel halyard instead of rope used on the other poles and has the highest wind ratings.  It comes with a lock door to reduce the chance of theft and/or someone breaking the rope.  You raise and lower the flag using a crank that is installed into the pole and a gear-less winch system.

Independence 1Flagpole Truck and Pulley Assembly

For residential customers, we recommend either the base model of estate or the telescoping flagpole.  We have discussed the estate model so I will talk about the telescoping flagpole. We sell a ton of the telescoping flagpoles and customers love them for several reasons. There is no rope or pulley to worry about.  They are raised by “clicking in” each section to raise up to your desired height.  They have the ability to fly two flags from them and the flags swivel in the wind so it reduces the chance your flag will become tangled.  The shipping is also a lot cheaper since we don’t have to send them via a semi truck.  They are easy to install for anyone and come with directions to help.   They come in sizes of 20 or 25 feet and you have the option to select a top line model that helps to increase the wind ratings for areas of higher wind.

Telescoping Residential Flagpole Residential Telescoping Flagpoles

All flagpoles come with everything you need to install including detailed directions, gold aluminum ball, ground sleeve for using to install in the ground, clips to fly a flag, rope (if applicable) and cleat (if applicable).  If you have any questions we are always here to help. You can give us a call at 800-992-3524 or check out our website at www.martinsflag.com

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