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Avenue of Flags at Northlawn Cemetery

"Avenue of Flags"

“Avenue of Flags” has become an established tradition in many cemeteries throughout the United States.
       Northlawn Cemetery - Fort Dodge, Iowa

The “Avenue of Flags” display is an ideal setting for honoring the Veterans of our Country.

With the permission of your local cemetery and the family of the departed veteran, the 5 x 9½ ft. U. S. flag that is given to them by the federal government can be mounted on a flagpole and left in the care of the cemetery or local veterans organization. On Memorial Day or other holidays desired, the poles and flags can be displayed as above, in honor of our country’s departed veterans. Normally each flag is marked on the canvas heading of the flag with the name of the veteran it honors.

15 ft. pole 91.50 88.80 86.00 82.40 79.60

Poles are light-weight, strong rust-proof aluminum tubing (2" diameter). They stand 15 feet above ground, with an 18" ground socket (plastic cap included). Poles features eye-bolts with plastic snaps for mounting 5 x 8 ft. or 5 x 9½ ft. flags. Packaged in individual cartons, with 3 sections for easy storing.

Installation and Use: Ground sockets are normally cemented into the ground for easy installation of the pole and flag at the local cemetery or other location. When not in use, the poles and flags are removed from the ground socket and are taken apart for easy storage. The U.S. flag is mounted onto the top section of the pole with eye-bolts and plastic Snaps, which are left on during storage. Note: Do not put wet flags into storage. Allow flags to dry thoroughly.

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