Telescoping Flagpoles Advantages

Telescoping Flagpoles from Martin’s Flag Company

Are you looking to get a telescoping flagpole installed in your yard?  There are a lot of really nice features when it comes to a telescoping flagpole.

  1. They don’t have any ropes or pulleys to worry about.  The telescoping flagpoles are all raised and lowered by pulling up each section and they click into place via a push button.  This means you don’t have to worry about the rope breaking and having costly repairs.
  2. They come in a 20′ or 25′ configuration so it will fit with what height you need.  99% of all flagpoles are a 20′ or 25′ height when used in residential applications.
  3. The flags swivel in the wind and that reduces tangling of your flags.
  4. They are very easy to install and can be done with one person.  They come with a PVC sleeve that you will install in the ground and pour cement around and then all you have to do is slide your flagpole into the PVC sleeve after the cement has dried.  You can just get the bags of cement from a local hardware store and mix it together.
  5. You can fly two flags from them.  The 20′ telescoping flagpoles can accommodate a 3’x5′ Flag in either a  Nylon or Polyester material.  The 25′ telescoping flagpole can accommodate a 4’x6′ flag in either a Nylon or Polyester Material.
  6. You have the ability to put a solar light at the top that keeps the flag lit at night.
  7. These poles hold up to the wind very well.  It will take a lot to bring the flagpole down and usually you have more to worry about than your flagpole if it goes over!

You can visit our website at and check out all of our telescoping flagpole options as well as the solar lights.

Telescoping FlagpoleTelescoping flagpole flag

telescoping flagpole solar light


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