Polyester vs. Nylon vs. Cotton outdoor flags

Outdoor Nylon U.S. FlagWe often get asked what is the best American flag material and the response is, of course, it depends!  There are really two types of fabrics when it comes to outdoor flags, nylon and polyester.  There is a lot of different information out there as to what is the best flag and a lot of different places claiming to have the longest lasting flags.  Below we will try and shed some light on some differences in the flags

Our polyester flags are made from a tough 2-ply 100% spun polyester material.  It is designed to hold up in conditions where there are high winds.  It is the best flag you will find if you are looking for a flag that is going to be flying 24/7 in harsh conditions.  There is not a stronger flag available than the reinforced 2-ply polyester flag that we sell, so if this one doesn’t last you, there are no other options.  We make all our 2-ply polyester flags with reinforced lock stitching in the seams and fly end to give the flag as long of a life as possible.  Other flags out there use chain stitching which is a weaker seam and will have a zippering effect when one of the threads is compromised.   There are also cheaper flags that will be called polyester, but these are a polyester/cotton blend and really don’t hold up outside.  2-ply polyester material is the material to look for if you are looking for polyester outdoor flags.                                                                       Click Here to take a look at the 2-ply polyester flags on our website.

The nylon flag is also a great flag for many reasons.  First, the nylon material is going to shed water extremely well so if you are in a wet climate, this flag is going to work great.  It also has a bright lustrous appearance so the flag will look great flying from any flagpole.  The nylon material also flies the best of any material in a light breeze.  We make all of our Nylon outdoor flags with reinforced lock stitching in the seams and fly end so be sure that your flag is made and finished with the best possible materials and stitching.                                                                        Click Here to take a look at the nylon flags on our website

Cotton is also another fabric, but it is not really intended to be an outdoor flag for a long period of time. Cotton Flags are most often used indoors as a banner or is the preferred flag to drape over a casket.  You can use cotton flags for outdoor use, but it is recommended for only short term use.  If you are going to fly the flags outside for an extended period of time, you are better off to go with a nylon or polyester flag.                                                                                                       Click Here to take a look at the cotton flags on our website

So to make a long story short, the type of flag you buy is going to depend on what you are looking for in a flag and the conditions it will be flying in.  If you want to take a look at our flags, you can check out our selection of polyester flags and nylon flags by going to our website www.martinsflag.com


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