Best Flags To Fly From Your Flagpole

Outdoor Nylon U.S. FlagWe often get asked about our opinion of what flag or flags a customer should fly from their flagpole.  Aside from the obvious answer of the American Flag, there is a variety of types of fabric for the American Flag.  If you are in a high-wind area, we offer the Polyester American Flag.  This flag is meant for those areas that experience a lot of high winds and need a flag that is going to last.  They are made of a 2-Ply Polyester material that is designed to hold up to this kind of weather.

U.S. Flags Made In The USA

The other option would be a Nylon American Flag.  These flags are great for commercial and residential use.  The advantage of using a nylon flag is that it flies nicer in a light breeze, it’s a little brighter colors and it sheds water really well.  These flags hold up really well and combine that with their beauty, they are really hard to beat!


POW-MsIA FlagThere are also other great options if you want to fly another flag.  A lot of customers will get the POW/MIA flag.  This is a great way to honor those Veteran’s who never came home.  It can be purchased as a single sided (reads correct on one side and reverse on the other) or a double sided (reads correct on both sides).

Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard Flags

U.S. Military Flags for SaleThere is also Armed Forces flags that you can purchase for any of the five branches of the military.  You can purchase an Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps or Coast Guard in either a nylon or a polyester material.

There are a lot of other flags for you to fly this spring.  You can check out our website at and shop the many different flags we have to offer.

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