Telescoping Flagpoles Advantages

Telescoping Flagpoles from Martin’s Flag Company

Are you looking to get a telescoping flagpole installed in your yard?  There are a lot of really nice features when it comes to a telescoping flagpole.

  1. They don’t have any ropes or pulleys to worry about.  The telescoping flagpoles are all raised and lowered by pulling up each section and they click into place via a push button.  This means you don’t have to worry about the rope breaking and having costly repairs.
  2. They come in a 20′ or 25′ configuration so it will fit with what height you need.  99% of all flagpoles are a 20′ or 25′ height when used in residential applications.
  3. The flags swivel in the wind and that reduces tangling of your flags.
  4. They are very easy to install and can be done with one person.  They come with a PVC sleeve that you will install in the ground and pour cement around and then all you have to do is slide your flagpole into the PVC sleeve after the cement has dried.  You can just get the bags of cement from a local hardware store and mix it together.
  5. You can fly two flags from them.  The 20′ telescoping flagpoles can accommodate a 3’x5′ Flag in either a  Nylon or Polyester material.  The 25′ telescoping flagpole can accommodate a 4’x6′ flag in either a Nylon or Polyester Material.
  6. You have the ability to put a solar light at the top that keeps the flag lit at night.
  7. These poles hold up to the wind very well.  It will take a lot to bring the flagpole down and usually you have more to worry about than your flagpole if it goes over!

You can visit our website at and check out all of our telescoping flagpole options as well as the solar lights.

Telescoping FlagpoleTelescoping flagpole flag

telescoping flagpole solar light


Best Flags To Fly From Your Flagpole

Outdoor Nylon U.S. FlagWe often get asked about our opinion of what flag or flags a customer should fly from their flagpole.  Aside from the obvious answer of the American Flag, there is a variety of types of fabric for the American Flag.  If you are in a high-wind area, we offer the Polyester American Flag.  This flag is meant for those areas that experience a lot of high winds and need a flag that is going to last.  They are made of a 2-Ply Polyester material that is designed to hold up to this kind of weather.

U.S. Flags Made In The USA

The other option would be a Nylon American Flag.  These flags are great for commercial and residential use.  The advantage of using a nylon flag is that it flies nicer in a light breeze, it’s a little brighter colors and it sheds water really well.  These flags hold up really well and combine that with their beauty, they are really hard to beat!


POW-MsIA FlagThere are also other great options if you want to fly another flag.  A lot of customers will get the POW/MIA flag.  This is a great way to honor those Veteran’s who never came home.  It can be purchased as a single sided (reads correct on one side and reverse on the other) or a double sided (reads correct on both sides).

Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard Flags

U.S. Military Flags for SaleThere is also Armed Forces flags that you can purchase for any of the five branches of the military.  You can purchase an Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps or Coast Guard in either a nylon or a polyester material.

There are a lot of other flags for you to fly this spring.  You can check out our website at and shop the many different flags we have to offer.

Get Your Flagpole Installed This Spring!

Well it’s about that time of year.  The ground is starting to thaw out, snow is melting and everyone is ready to be outside.  For those of you in warmer climates, God bless you!

Telescoping Flagpoles Up To 25 Feet Tall

Telescoping Flagpoles to 20 and 25 feet

Telescoping flagpoles for residential and commercial use.

With spring comes nicer weather and the chance to get that flagpole installed that you have always wanted.  We sell a wide variety of flagpoles from telescoping flagpoles to commercial style flagpoles and everything in between.  Flagpoles are really easy to install yourself and the help of a friend or two.  You can usually install up to around a 25′ flagpole yourself without any equipment, but this could vary depending on the type of flagpole you select.  We always advise to have help around because it makes the job easier.  If you are a residential customer, the telescoping flagpoles are a great option and they are super easy to install.  There is no rope or pulleys to worry about you just raise it section by section.  All that needs to be done is to install the pvc sleeve that comes with the flagpole and let it sit for 24-48 hours and you are set!

Commercial Flagpoles

Commercial Flagpoles for Sale

If you are a commercial customer, the install is still not that difficult and depending on the size and weight you select it can be done by just about anyone.  Landscaping companies will typically do an install for you if it’s not something you want to do yourself.  Construction companies can also help with flagpoles that are too large for the landscaper to install.

The Right Type of Flag To Fly

Keep in mind that the size of the flagpole will determine the size of flag you can fly.  The rule of thumb is that the length of the flag should not exceed a 1/3 of the length of your pole.  For instance, if you install a 25′ flagpole the flag should be no larger than 5’x8′.

We carry all telescoping flagpoles in stock and some of the commercial flagpoles.  If we don’t have the flagpole in stock it typically only takes around 1-2 weeks to get it to you.  We can ship direct to your job site, business or residence.  All commercial flagpoles are shipped via truck and trailer and telescoping flagpoles are all shipped using ground shipping.

You can visit or give us a call at 800-992-3524 and we can help walk you through what type of flagpole would work best for you.

Flags for Teams in the NFL Championship Game

Denver Broncos Flag

Denver Broncos Flag

The NFL championship game on Sunday February 7, 2016 features the top 2 teams from the National Football League.  The Carolina Panthers representing the NFC and the Denver Broncos representing the AFC.

The big game is widely considered one of THE top sporting events of the year with five of the past seven games being decided by a touchdown or less (Nielsen), and, is the most watched television broadcast of the year.

What better way to show your team support and pride than with an American-made Denver Broncos flag or Carolina Panthers flag?

Our official NFL team flags are made of high quality polyester and flies well even in the slightest breeze.  Finished off with a white heading and brass grommets to fly from a flagpole these 3’x5’ outdoor NFL flags will surely be the talk of your neighborhood.

For questions about ordering online, or, for customer support please call us at (800) 992-3524.

What Type and Size of Flagpole Should I Buy?

This question comes up a lot and there are several different answers based on your needs. We will cover these based on commercial flagpoles and residential flagpoles.  What you need to decide is how tall of a flagpole you want and how much wind the flagpole will be subject to when installed. If you are a residential customer, 95% of what we sell is going to be 20′ or 25′.  For commercial customers the size of the flagpole is completely up to you and we have sold every size from 20′ all the way to 80′.

Outdoor Commercial Flagpoles

First off, if you are a business, school, government agency, city, county etc., you will want to select a flagpole that will hold up to the elements and is going to look nice when on display. We have four different options to choose from that include the Estate, Continental, Sentry and Independence series of flagpoles.

The estate model flagpole comes in sizes from 15′- 35′ and have a base models and top line models. The base models are good if you need a good flagpole at a good price.  The difference between the base models and the top line models is that the top line models are able to take more wind than the base models.  They are good if you are in a higher wind area and need something with a thicker wall and/or thicker base.  The estate model has an external rope that attaches to a cleat that is mounted to the flagpole.

Flagpole Truck and Pulley

The Continental style flagpoles are a great option if you are looking for a high quality flagpole with an external rope.  You can get this flagpole in sizes from 20′-80′.  The advantage of the continental is that they typically have higher wind ratings and they also come with a revolving truck so that the flag can swivel and reduce tangling on the flagpole.  It also comes with a flash collar that goes on the bottom of the flagpole that finishes off the look nicely. You can get a revolving truck and flash collar for the estate, but they are additional costs.

Flagpole Truck and Pulley with Ornament

The Sentry model flagpole comes in sizes 20′-40′ and are popular due to the fact that the rope of the flagpole runs internally inside the flagpole and attaches using a cleat that resides inside a locked door.  The benefit of this is that the flagpole gets a cleaner look, reduces any chances for theft and/or someone breaking the rope and adds to the longevity of the rope itself since it’s covered on the inside of the flagpole.  This model has really good wind ratings and is a really nice looking flagpole.  This model and the continental are our most popular models for commercial use.

Commercial Outdoor Flagpole with Gold Ball

Finally, the Independence model flagpole is our premium flagpole if you are looking for the top of the line.  The Independence model comes with a stainless steel halyard instead of rope used on the other poles and has the highest wind ratings.  It comes with a lock door to reduce the chance of theft and/or someone breaking the rope.  You raise and lower the flag using a crank that is installed into the pole and a gear-less winch system.

Independence 1Flagpole Truck and Pulley Assembly

For residential customers, we recommend either the base model of estate or the telescoping flagpole.  We have discussed the estate model so I will talk about the telescoping flagpole. We sell a ton of the telescoping flagpoles and customers love them for several reasons. There is no rope or pulley to worry about.  They are raised by “clicking in” each section to raise up to your desired height.  They have the ability to fly two flags from them and the flags swivel in the wind so it reduces the chance your flag will become tangled.  The shipping is also a lot cheaper since we don’t have to send them via a semi truck.  They are easy to install for anyone and come with directions to help.   They come in sizes of 20 or 25 feet and you have the option to select a top line model that helps to increase the wind ratings for areas of higher wind.

Telescoping Residential Flagpole Residential Telescoping Flagpoles

All flagpoles come with everything you need to install including detailed directions, gold aluminum ball, ground sleeve for using to install in the ground, clips to fly a flag, rope (if applicable) and cleat (if applicable).  If you have any questions we are always here to help. You can give us a call at 800-992-3524 or check out our website at

What size flag should I buy for my flagpole

We often get asked what size American flag should you purchase with the size flagpole you are getting.  What we tell people is to purchase a flag where the length of the flag is roughly 1/4 to 1/3 the size of the flagpole.

For instance, if you have a 20 foot telescoping flagpole, we would recommend a 3×5′ Reinforced Nylon or a 4×6′ Reinforced Nylon U.S. flag.  You really don’t want to go over this measurement as it puts a lot of stress on the flagpole to carry a heavy load.

Also, keep in mind that if you are going to be flying two flags from a flagpole to reduce the size to 1/4 of the length of the flagpole for the flags.  Every flagpole has a wind rating based off of being flagged and unflagged.  You can check out our complete lineup of flagpoles both commercial and residential by going to our website


Polyester vs. Nylon vs. Cotton outdoor flags

Outdoor Nylon U.S. FlagWe often get asked what is the best American flag material and the response is, of course, it depends!  There are really two types of fabrics when it comes to outdoor flags, nylon and polyester.  There is a lot of different information out there as to what is the best flag and a lot of different places claiming to have the longest lasting flags.  Below we will try and shed some light on some differences in the flags

Our polyester flags are made from a tough 2-ply 100% spun polyester material.  It is designed to hold up in conditions where there are high winds.  It is the best flag you will find if you are looking for a flag that is going to be flying 24/7 in harsh conditions.  There is not a stronger flag available than the reinforced 2-ply polyester flag that we sell, so if this one doesn’t last you, there are no other options.  We make all our 2-ply polyester flags with reinforced lock stitching in the seams and fly end to give the flag as long of a life as possible.  Other flags out there use chain stitching which is a weaker seam and will have a zippering effect when one of the threads is compromised.   There are also cheaper flags that will be called polyester, but these are a polyester/cotton blend and really don’t hold up outside.  2-ply polyester material is the material to look for if you are looking for polyester outdoor flags.                                                                       Click Here to take a look at the 2-ply polyester flags on our website.

The nylon flag is also a great flag for many reasons.  First, the nylon material is going to shed water extremely well so if you are in a wet climate, this flag is going to work great.  It also has a bright lustrous appearance so the flag will look great flying from any flagpole.  The nylon material also flies the best of any material in a light breeze.  We make all of our Nylon outdoor flags with reinforced lock stitching in the seams and fly end so be sure that your flag is made and finished with the best possible materials and stitching.                                                                        Click Here to take a look at the nylon flags on our website

Cotton is also another fabric, but it is not really intended to be an outdoor flag for a long period of time. Cotton Flags are most often used indoors as a banner or is the preferred flag to drape over a casket.  You can use cotton flags for outdoor use, but it is recommended for only short term use.  If you are going to fly the flags outside for an extended period of time, you are better off to go with a nylon or polyester flag.                                                                                                       Click Here to take a look at the cotton flags on our website

So to make a long story short, the type of flag you buy is going to depend on what you are looking for in a flag and the conditions it will be flying in.  If you want to take a look at our flags, you can check out our selection of polyester flags and nylon flags by going to our website


Veteran’s Day

As Veteran’s Day approaches tomorrow, we here at Martin’s Flag Company would like to thank all of the soldiers who are serving and have served this great country.  Without our service men and women we would not enjoy the freedom we do, so thank you for everything you do.

Welcome to our new website!

I wanted to welcome you to the new Martin’s Flag website.  This site was a major undertaking and investment into making our customers shopping experience more user friendly, inviting and informative.  We have added new products to the website and continue to add more information, updates and products to keep the most up to date website possible.  We hope you enjoy your experience and let us know if there’s any suggestions you have to make it better.  You can email us at